Calliope at Dancing Goat Ranch

On Wednesday, May 28th, at 7pm, we are having a house concert featuring Calliope, purveyors of music rooted in tradition and branching out into new territory, with colors of Ireland, Appalachia, and the Beatles. We’ll start the evening with a potluck dinner at 6pm, and then move into the living room for the show.

You may remember the last time this trio played here. It was a wonderful performance (here’s a video clip) (and another)! Playing guitars, fiddles, bass, & banjo, they are Tashina ClarridgeAmy Anders and Emily Mann.

Here are several YouTube videos as well!

Tashina Clarridge |  Tenor guitar, fiddle, mandolin, vocals

Calliope May 2014: Tashina

_DSF2214_DSF2252Tashina guitarTashina_waterTashina standing

Raised in a tipi in the rural mountains of northern California, Tashina was enrolled in a Suzuki violin program at age two and studied baroque classical violin with Rob Diggins and Texas-style fiddling with Megan Lynch, eventually landing at the feet of brilliant fiddlers Darol Anger, Bruce Molsky, Natalie MacMaster, Matt Glaser, Alasdair Fraser, and Mark O’Connor through a plethora of emerging music camps.  Tashina enjoys a lively pursuit of bluegrass, and the fusion of acoustic styles labeled as “New Acoustic” music, along with a great love for traditional styles of Irish, Appalachian old-time, and the closely related “Texas-style fiddling”, passed down by fiddle greats Eck Robertson & Benny Thomasson.  She has performed at Carnegie Hall as part of MacArthur Fellow/ Grammy-winning bassist Edgar Meyer’s Young Artists program, has shared the stage with Darol Anger, Tony Trischka, Laurie Lewis, and Mike Marshall, and is a Grand National Fiddle Champion.  Tashina currently tours with her brother Tristan and Simon Chrisman in the eclectic acoustic ensemble The Bee Eaters.  An instructor at Mark O’Connor’s Strings Conferences for over eight years, she and her brother are in demand as music teachers, and now organize Big Sur Fiddle Camp and Shasta Music Summit.  

Together with friends and former students Amy and Emily, she shares her love of traditional song, Appalachian and Irish rhythm, guitar, mandolin, tenor guitar and banjo, along with the fiddle she cannot remember life without.

Emily Mann | Banjo, bass, fiddle, guitar, vocals

Calliope May 2014: Emily

Emily smileEmily sunny

Raised in Big Sur, California, Emily developed an early interest in music, in particular the old-time style of the Appalchian Mtns.  Emily grew up playing fiddle in a wide range of settings, learning to sing, and play bass, banjo, and guitar along the way, and the old tunes and songs flow through her, and please our ears with a relaxed, confident groove, subtle innovations and improvisational variations.  Comfortable with many diverse musical styles, yet with an undeniably authentic flare in her old time playing, Emily at age 21, stands as a musician of deep musical acuity, ably conveying tradition into the future.  

Emily lives in Berkeley CA, plays bass with The Knuckle Knockers and helps her roommates raise bees in her free time.

Amy Anders | Fiddle, whistle, mandolin, guitar

Calliope May 2014: Amy

Amy Anders 2013

Amy began a life long love affair with the traditional music and culture of Ireland at an early age, taking up fiddle in the hope that someone might take her to Ireland.  Realizing her dream at the youthful age of fifteen, the youngest member of the band, now a sixteen year old literary powerhouse, has spent years absorbing the subtleties of the Irish music tradition, and continues to pursue music on a plethora of instruments, wielding fiddle, Irish whistle, guitar and mandolin in this ensemble. Her fiddle playing is lively and heartening – thoughtful, with just the right amount of spontaneity and rambunctiousness. Her deep love of music shines through in the deftness with which she plays and sings, and her clear bell like voice beguiles with anamnesis of olden times in the British Isles.

© Rachel Anderson 2013