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This page is a free resource for Trinity County, CA organizations and groups to list: Donations needed and Volunteers/Help Needed, as well as Scholarships, Awards, & Grants and Free Services & Items being offered. I hope to increase connections and recycling between community groups and community members. Please email me with info for any category or if you find any discrepancies. Please use reload or refresh to get the most current version of this page, as your computer may cache on older copy. 
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TRINITY COUNTY FREECYCLE GROUP has free local free stuff! You can search by zip code, and find items in local and nearby FreeCycle groups. FREECYCLE NETWORK is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It's a grassroots movement of people who are giving & getting stuff for free in their own towns. Each local group is run by a local volunteer moderator. Membership is free. To sign up, go to website, find your community , and follow instructions.  Free cycle Network was started in May 2003 to promote waste reduction in Tucson's downtown and help save desert landscape from being taken over by landfills. Network provides individuals and non-profits an electronic forum to "recycle" unwanted items.

REDDING AREA CRAIG'S LIST is a good place to list or look for items for sale, wantedbarter, or free. No registration required, space for up to 4 photos, you can link to a website, and your email address is anonymous. Online ads are completely FREE, so there is nothing to lose! Be sure to read Craig's List Page about scams!

Weaverville Joss House is an 1874 Chinese Taoist Temple located in Joss House State Historic Park. Due to state budget cuts, the park was slated to be permanently closed on July 1, 2012. Weaverville Joss House Association is a nonprofit group that is working to save the park from closure. They just signed a 3-year donor agreement with California State Parks to keep it open. Funds to keep it open for the first year have been raised, but continued  fundraising will need to happen for years two and three. To learn about their efforts to save the park or to donate to the cause please call 623-5284 or visit their website. For more info about park closure email Jack Frost at or call 225-2065. 

WANTED: POTS & PANS, DISHES, SILVERWARE, TOWELS, AND BEDDING for Human Response Network housing programs. Drop off at HRN business office. All donations are tax deductible. 111 Mountain View Street, Weaverville, CA. Hours: M-F 8-5pm. WANTED: DONATIONS TO BUY SHOES FOR SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN for HRN Shoe Fund, P.O. Box 2370, Weaverville, CA 96093. Write "shoe fund" in memo field of check. More info: call 530-623-2024 or 800-358-5251. Updated 8/09.

TRINITY ANIMAL SHELTER AUXILIARY (TASA) MEETING at Trinity County Animal Shelter (563 Mountain View, 623-1370) at 6:30pm on third Tuesday each month. TASA is dedicated to sheltering animals in a humane environment and educating the public concerning responsible treatment and care of animals. Public is welcome. They hold 3-4 fundraisers per year and welcome DONATIONS. Mail donations to Trinity Animal Shelter, PO Box 2471 -OR- 1241 (call to confirm!), Weaverville, CA 96093.

HAYFORK: TRINITY SOUP KITCHEN provides a hot meal weekly on Mondays 11am-2pm at Solid Rock Christian Fellowship (corner of Tule Creek Road & Highway 3). There are plenty of opportunities to help out with CASH or FOOD DONATIONS, FOOD PREPARATION or SERVING. Donations are tax-deductible. Make your check payable to Trinity Soup Kitchen and mail to Rob Collins, PO Box 1085, Hayfork, CA 96041. Updated 3/08. 

HAYFORK FOOD NETWORK accepts donations of NON-PERISHABLE FOODS for it's monthly food distribution. More info: call 530-628-5547.

COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE LUNCHEON/SOUP KITCHEN at Douglas City Fire Hall 11:30am-1pm weekly on Tuesdays. Four Trinity County churches have joined forces (St. Patrick's Catholic, Trinity Congregational, First Baptist Weaverville, and Church of Nazarene) to provide food and drinks for the needy. Diners may take meal home for later and volunteers will deliver to sick, elderly, and home-bound. Carol Arthur extends an invitation for everyone to come and enjoy the meals.Cash or food donations to support the program can be directed to Carol Arthur at 623-3927. Other churches that wish to become involved would be welcomed with open arms. 2/08.

LEWISTON FOOD PANTRY may not be re-organized as LEWISTON FRESH START FOOD BANK. More info: email email Previous listing info: Serving the town's neediest families with foodstuffs donated by area service organizations, food-service businesses, church groups — and most important — individuals like you! Please, when you're doing your grocery shopping, remember to pick up a few extra packages or cans of food, even a case, to donate.Any unwanted but edible dry goods from your kitchen pantry can help. They have a fridge and freezer, so they can accept refrigerated and frozen items, as well as non-perishables. Bring donations to one of their drop-off points in Lewiston during business hours: Old Lewiston Schoolhouse, Lewiston Hardware Store (in Trinity Dam Mobile Home Park), or Old Lewiston Mercantile & Variety Store (on Schoolhouse Road, next to Schoolhouse). Of the three drop-off points, only Lewiston Mercantile & Variety can store frozen and refrigerated goods. More info or to arrange pick-up of food donations: call 778-3323. Lewiston Lions organization has agreed to process all cash donations to Lewiston Food Pantry. More info: call 530-778-3323. 2/07.

TRINITY TRUST was founded by Al and Marne Wilkins in 1993 with a leadership gift from Gilbert F. and Helen Gates. It was established as a permanent endowment to improve the quality of life in our region and to keep capitol local and working for the benefit of residents of Trinity County. It's mission is to inspire and encourage charitable giving in support of Trinity County. Trust is guided by local leaders who work to build philanthropy and connect donors to effective organizations and meaningful projects. Present chairman of board is Duane Heryford. One of the main activities in past years has been grants for the benefit of youth through it's Summer Youth Mini-Grant Program. Small grants are awarded to  organizations to expand and enrich summer recreation programs for children to learn, play and develop in a safe, productive setting. Trinity Trust is an affiliate of Humboldt Area Foundation which manages the trust endowments andadministers the grants. HAF has also been active in Trinity County, making it's grants available to nonprofit organizations. Trinity Trust has an established endowment but wishes to increase it's funding to better serve the area, and encourages charitable donations. Click on link above or write to The Trinity Trust, P.O. Box 1600, Weaverville, CA 96093. 10/07 

WEAVERVILLE CEMETERY ASSOCIATION: Memberships and donations help maintain the grounds of Weaverville Cemetery. Donations may be mailed to: WCA, P.O. Box 2788, Weaverville, CA 96093.

TRI-COUNTY INDEPENDENT LIVING of Eureka needs used computers for it's Computers for People with Disabilities Program. Program serves Trinity, Humboldt, and Del Norte Counties. About 50 area people are on the waiting list. Current needs are for Pentium 3 or better PCs, with a minimum processor speed of 500 MHz. Program also accepts used CD drives, hard drives, modems, laptops, monitors, keyboards, and mice. To donate a computer or for more info: call 707-445-8404. Disabled individuals may call 707-445-8404 to see if they qualify. There is a $40 fee to cover costs of refurbishing computers. 12/06.

WEAVERVILLE LION'S CLUB accepts donations of SERVICEABLE WHEELCHAIRS in good condition, as well as your OLD PRESCRIPTION EYEGLASSES, which are processed and sent to Mexico and Central America. To donate: call Jim French at 530-623-2861 ext. 222 or Dave Marceau at 530-623-6600. In Hayfork, there are donation baskets for OLD PRESCRIPTION EYEGLASSES at North Valley Bank and Bayley's Lumber.

JOY FAMILY TRAINING FUND was established by Rowell Family Empowerment of Northern California, to honor the commitment of the late Joy Bolton. Fund will help families in Trinity County that have children with special needs. Purpose of RFENC is to empower people with disabilities and their families, and to live as respected and valued members in their communities by providing support, education, and advocacy services. Donations and inquiries can be sent to RFENC, 3830 Rancho Road, Redding, CA 96001. More info: call 877-227-3471.

WEAVERVILLE: TRINITY COUNTY LIBRARY has a limited book purchasing budget. Individuals wishing to help out can access their BOOK WISH LIST at Printed copies of Wish List are available for review at Budman's Book Mine. Books listed on Wish List can be purchased online, or from any bookstore, and delivered in person to library. More info: call 530-623-1373. 

ROAD TO RECOVERY PROGRAM is seeking volunteers to be backup drivers to drive cancer patients to Redding. Volunteer drivers are reimbursed for mileage and must have valid driver's license and insurance. More info: call Chris Schafer at 530-623-3484. Updated 7/6/12.

HUMAN RESPONSE NETWORK 24-HOUR CRISIS LINE needs volunteers. For 28 years, The HRN 24-hour Crisis line has served all of TRINITY COUNTY. Volunteers from every community are needed. Volunteers are responsible for a minimum of 4 time slots/month on call, and they must attend 1 meeting per month. They work out of their homes and are provided with pagers so they can go about their daily lives when on call. There is supervisor backup available to all volunteers while on call. Volunteers must attend HRN no-fee 40-hour domestic violence education training. Learn communication skills, dynamics of interpersonal violence, local resources, and procedures for assessing many services for people in need. More info: call Sherry Forslund at 530-623-2024 or visit the HRN office (113 Mountain View Street. Hours: M-F 8am-5pm). 1/08.

WEAVERVILLE: TRINITY COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE VISITOR CENTER is looking for volunteers to help staff it's Weaverville office and greet visitors when they come in for info. If you like meeting people and sharing the beauty of Trinity County with visitors, this is the place for you. Computer skills NOT required. Chamber also has a master list of volunteers. Get your name on the list if you want to be involved with various Chamber events. More info or to volunteer: call 530-623-6101 or stop by Chamber office on Main Street. 1/07

TRINITY CENTER/COFFEE CREEK, LEWISTON, & WEAVERVILLE AMERICAN RED CROSS DISASTER ACTION TEAMS (DATs) needs members. It's important to be prepared, so that when a disaster comes along we can all respond quickly and efficiently in order to really help each other. Shasta chapter of DAT provides free training, including CPR and First Aid. They respond to house & forest fires, power outages, stranding due to weather, and more! Future goals are to have all of Trinity County covered/protected, even in more rural points like Junction City/Down River, and Van Duzen/Ruth/Southern Trinity. If you are interested in joining a DAT or forming a new one: call Barbara or Mike Bagnod (Weaverville DAT) at 623-1142 or Katie Quinn (Lewiston DAT) at 530-778-3307. 1/07 

TRINITY CENTER VOLUNTEER FIRE DEP'T AUXILIARY FIRE EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE TEAM (FEAT) needs members. FEAT will assist Trinity Center and Coffee Creek Volunteer Fire Dep'ts in local emergencies or disasters, doing functions such as traffic control, help in evacuation processes, clerical, or other tasks that free firefighters to save lives and put out fires. This is a joint venture between TCVFD and CCVFD, and will support both fire departments. More info: call Joann Mathis at 530-286-2217 or Gloria Eisan at 530-266-3399.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH OF TRINITY COUNTY is looking for new members and volunteers to be "eyes and ears" of Sheriff's Department. You need clean driving record, good health, and to be 18 years or older. They can also use cash donations to help pay for gas, tires, and insurance. Contact: Ron Steves (chairperson), P.O. Box 245, Weaverville, CA 96093 for on-the-job training. More info: call Linda Mock at 530-629-4364.

HAYFORK SHERIFF'S POSSE is looking for new members who want to help out in community. Mail request for application or more info to: Trinity County Sheriff's Posse, P.O. Box 837, Hayfork, CA 96041. They meet on second Sunday each month at Posse Grounds at 10am. More info: call Wendy Reiss.

Up to $500 REWARD for information leading to arrest and conviction of individual(s) who vandalize road signs, road delineators, or any other Dep't of Transportation equipment. In the Secret Witness Program of Trinity County, individuals who give information do not have to give their names and will not be involved in investigation. Call Secret Witness answering service at 530-623-3818 or Sheriff's Dep't at 530-623-2611.

TAX FREE MONTHLY STIPEND: Golden Umbrella of Trinity County is looking for FOSTER GRANDPARENTS to provide special help to children in Trinity County Schools and SENIOR COMPANIONS to provide caring support to older adults who wish to maintain independent living in their homes. Senior citizens 60 and older can volunteer 15 to 40 hours per week as a Foster Grandparent or Senior Companion. Stipend and mileage reimbursement is NOT taxable income so it will not affect SSI, Medi-Cal, housing subsidies, or other special benefits. New Volunteer training is available. More info: call 530-623-2861 for next training session.

CALIFORNIA STATE CONTROLLER'S OFFICE, BUREAU OF UNCLAIMED PROPERTY keeps track of monies that State of CA owes to residents. If they owe you money, you fill out some forms, and they send you a check. 

Please also see WEEKLY and MONTHLY EVENTS pages for comprehensive listings of regularly scheduled events, meetings, classes, etc. (some are free).

HYAMPOM: FOOD FOR FOLKS held it's first free dinner at Community Hall in March 2011. The people who are organizing Food for Folks group are off to a great start. Lots of people have been helping and they have really spiffed up the Community Hall. More info or to help out: call Pat Mortensen at 628-4533

TRINITY COUNTY LIBRARY: Access their collection, as well as policies, hours, phone numbers, and services. Member of North State Cooperative Library System and Cascade Pacific Library Network. Tumblebook Library resources include Storybooks, Readables, Life Learning, Puzzles & Games, language Learning, and Audio Books. More info: call library at 530-623-1373 during open hours. 4/09

FIND OUT WHAT IS NEW IN YOUR COMMUNITY FOR YOUTH. There are Youth Centers in Hayfork and Weaverville. Youth Coordinators arrange and schedule community based activities for kids and families. If you are looking for positive activities for your children, call phone #'s below for info on schedules, field trips, activities, tournaments, and more. Burnt Ranch - Jennifer Junkin: 530-629-2543. Coffee Creek - Bonnie Groves: 530-266-3344. Cox Bar - Cherie Donahue: 530-623-6316. Hayfork - Margie Lee: 530-623-2024 or 530-628-5210 or Kathy Johnson. Junction City - Ann Lethbridge: 530-623-6381. Trinity Center - Jay Bunce: 530-266-3342. Weaverville - Audrey Graham: 530-623-2785 or 530-623-2024. Van Duzen - Susan Bray: 707-574-6237 Zenia - Caroline Brownfield: 707-923-9670. Administered by Human Response Network and T. C. Behavioral Health Alcohol & Other Drug Services.

WEAVERVILLE: FREE 2 LEARN RESOURCE CENTER, located in Teen Center in Lowden Park, is a no-cost program that provides materials & services to home-school families. Wide selection of classes and an extensive lending library. Center's mission is to encourage and model a love of learning in an environment of respect. Center is a satellite of Mattole Valley Charter School. More info: call Diana Bordeaux at 530-778-3860.

CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE ACCESS PROGRAM provides telephones at no cost to people who have difficulty hearing, seeing, speaking, moving or remembering. They just need to live in California, have phone service in their home and get their application signed by a doctor to receive specialized phones. More info: contact Michelle Radcliff, Outreach Specialist, California Telephone Access Program, 983 Mission De Oro Street Suite D, Redding, CA 96003, 530-226-9412 (Voice), 530-226-9418 (Fax/TTY), email: There is no cost, obligation, or income requirement for their specialized phones. 6/08

HAYFORK: TRINITY SOUP KITCHEN provides a hot meal weekly on Mondays 11am-2pm at Solid Rock Christian Fellowship (corner of Tule Creek Road & Highway 3). There are plenty of opportunities to help out with CASH or FOOD DONATIONS, FOOD PREPARATION or SERVING. Donations are tax-deductible. Make your check payable to Trinity Soup Kitchen and mail to Rob Collins, PO Box 1085, Hayfork, CA 96041. Updated 3/08.

COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE LUNCHEON/SOUP KITCHEN at Douglas City Fire Hall 11:30am-1pm weekly on Tuesdays. Four Trinity County churches have joined forces (St. Patrick's Catholic, Trinity Congregational, First Baptist Weaverville, and Church of Nazarene) to provide food and drinks for the needy. Diners may take meal home for later and volunteers will deliver to sick, elderly, and home-bound. Carol Arthur extends an invitation for everyone to come and enjoy the meals. Cash or food donations to support the program can be directed to Carol Arthur at 623-3927. Other churches that wish to become involved would be welcomed with open arms. 2/08.

HAYFORK: DOULA'S CUPBOARD: Offers FREE used baby and toddler's clothing and toys. Inter-denominational, local effort. More info: call Juana Moreno at 530-628-4570. 1/07

ACCESS TO JUSTICE AND FAMILY LAW CENTER: (530-623-5641, 241 Washington Street Unit E, Weaverville) - Self-help facility has computers, research materials, and 2 staff members to help the public. The attorney offers guidance with legal proceedings and terminology, assistance in preparation of legal forms, and referrals. He does NOT represent litigants and in fact may aid both parties in a dispute. They also offer info on small claims, adoptions, evictions, restraining orders, and other civil matters. They do NOT work with people involved in criminal cases. HOURS: MON - THURS 8am-5pm, closed for lunch. Facility opened in Sept 2007.

LEGAL INFORMATION & ASSISTANCE PROJECT (LIAP) is for low income persons or families. LIAP provides self- represented litigants with assistance and access to legal information. It provides information about legal procedures, substantive law and legal options for litigants, assistance with legal forms, and referrals to local agencies, non-profit organizations, and alternative dispute resolution and mediation programs. Legal Services of California provides clinics at Human Response Network on second and fourth Wednesday of each month by appointment only. More info or to make an app't: call 530-241-3565 or 800-822-9687 ext.115.

HUMAN RESPONSE NETWORK: (Weaverville: 530-623-2024, 1-800-358-5251, 113 Mountain View. Hours: M-F 8am-5pm. Hayfork: 530-628-4565, Community Center, Tule Creek Road. Hayfork office hours: Mon, Wed, and Fri 9am-3pm). HRN offers many free services for children and families. 

CARE & REASSURANCE PROGRAM (CARP) sponsored by Trinity County Commission on Aging is free service of being called every day at a specified time to make sure that callee is OK. Great for for those in need of safety checks, friendly chats, or whatever else is needed. More info: call Margie Lee at HRN

TRANSPORTATION ASSISTANCE for persons needing transportation to medical providers & social services. Must meet income guidelines to receive fuel vouchers, transit bus tickets, or mileage reimbursement. Funded by T. C. Planning Department. Drivers are not provided. CHILD CARE: They may be able to help you find the child care that you need and may even be able to pay for part or all of child care costs. 

NO FEE LENDING LIBRARY: Lends out books, videos, family games, CDs and toys. 

FREE INCOME TAX PREPARATION ASSISTANCE for folks who earned less than $37,000. Bring W-2s, 1099s, Social Security card, photo ID, and last year's tax return. If married, both spouses should come, if possible. More info: call HRN at 530-628-4565 or 1-800-358-5251. 

24-HOUR CRISIS LINE: Call 530-623-HELP. Collect calls OK. Crisis line serves all of Trinity County and volunteers from every community are needed. Volunteers must undergo 40 hours of domestic violence intervention training before taking calls. More info: call Sherry Forslund at 530-623-2024. 

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SUPPORT GROUP MEETING: Call Alsah Bundi, Program Director for meeting time & location. It only costs the time and effort to get there. RAPE PREVENTION EDUCATION & FREE SELF DEFENSE CLASSES. 2/07

HICAP MEDICARE PART D PRESCRIPTION DRUG INSURANCE COUNSELING: Martha Beymer is a registered Medicare Insurance Counselor and is doing counseling at Off Beat Bargains in Hayfork on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, by appointment. To make an app't: call Off Beat Bargains at 530-628-4606 on those days. This FREE service is available to anyone on Medicare. HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) is funded by California Dep't of Aging.

TRINITY COUNTY: BREASTFEEDING PROMOTION PROJECT (BFPP) provides support services to all breastfeeding women in Trinity County. They offer free electric pump loans, free manual pumps, and printed breastfeeding support materials. More info: call 530-623-8212 or 530-623-BABY. 

DAWN HOSPICE offers non-medical services for terminally ill patients. All services are free. More info: call 530-623-4692.

WEAVERVILLE: GOLDEN AGE CENTER VAN is available to take folks to GAC for lunch. Transportation is also available on Wednesdays and Fridays to take folks to post office or market. They also may be able to help folks get to doctor or dentist appointments. Please call one day ahead at 530-623-2324. 

ROAD TO RECOVERY PROGRAM is always looking for Trinity County cancer patients who need rides to Redding. More info: call Carol Rogan at 530-623-5125.

WEAVERVILLE: MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, such as canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, potty chairs, and shower/bath chairs, are available for FREE (loan?) at Golden Age Center. FREE INCONTINENCE SUPPLIES available in foyer of GAC. More info or for availability: call Pat White or Sharon MacKenzie at 530-623-2324.

CALIFORNIA TRIBAL TANF PARTNERSHIP (CTTP) PROGRAM offers cash assistance, plus education, and job training with a cultural emphasis. TANF stands for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. CTTP is a consortium of 19 tribes and 2 Indian non-profit organizations in CA. More info: call Weaverville office: 530-623-5006. 

FREE or LOW COST MEDICAL, DENTAL, & VISION HEALTH COVERAGE FOR CHILDREN & TEENS through healthy Families and Medi-Cal for Families. Benefits include regular checkups, immunizations, prescription medicine, and more. All information is kept confidential. Parents can call 888-747-1222 to apply by phone.

FREE or LOW COST VASECTOMIES offered by Six Rivers Planned Parenthood. There is state funding for men who qualify. Medi-Cal, private insurance, and private pay based on income also accepted. Education and counseling provided by counselors in informative, private, and friendly atmosphere. More info: call 707-442-5709.



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